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Decatur Engravers is a family owned business with a long tradition in customer service and attention to detail. In November of 1969, an enterprising and courageous woman, Merle Higdon (pictured), started the "Higdon Rubberstamp & Engravers" company with a small loan and the help of her husband, Ed Higdon. In the beginning, the company dealt primarily with rubberstamp products. In 1971, the company expanded its offering with the addition of its first engraving machine which was used to produce engravings on plaques, doors, and signs among other things. In 1972, the company merged with Decatur Engravers, whereby it derived its current name, but remained under the control of the Higdon family.

Over the years, the nature of the industry has changed. The slow and manual methods gave way to computer-based and laser engraving, a faster and more accurate way of doing things. However, one thing has remained the same for Decatur Engravers: its commitment to its customers.
Our Commitment
Most of Decatur Engravers' customers are industrial but the company also serves local and regional government departments and small businesses. But regardless of the size and type of customer, the company's number one priority is "quality" and "service". According to Ed Higdon, "You may out-price us, but you will not out-service us".
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